NEW Socials starting THIS Thursday at Jeffrey’s Duboce Park

This is gonna be great! We’re very excited to announce our new collaboration with Emily Fleisher, CTBC of Mindful Paw Dog Training & Behavior Consulation.

Starting in November, we will host PUPPY SOCIALS every THURSDAY evening from 5pm to 6pm at Jeffrey’s Duboce Park (284 Noe St)

Only $20!

Emily graduated from the Dog Training Internship Academy as a Certified Trainer and Behavior Consultant.  She is the founder of Mindful Paw, a San Francisco based company offering private dog training services. Emily is certified in canine CPR and First-Aid, and earned her "Living and Learning with Animals" Certificate of Excellence.

Emily has a Bachelors degree in Public Health with a focus on human behavior from the University of Florida. She spent 5+ years teaching people in a number of capacities, and counts her ability to empathize and communicate with the human end of the leash as one of her primary strengths. She is dedicated to using only force-free training methods and helping families smoothly integrate their new dog into the home.


She and her partner have a Havanese named Rafiki. Rafiki's name translates to "my friend," which is an embodiment of the mutual partnership and trust that she encourages her clients to develop with their animals