What’s up with the dog flu?

What’s up with the dog flu?

While we’re not recommending the dog flu vaccine until there is more information about the efficacy rate and side effects of the vaccine, you should be aware of the canine flu and take measures to keep your companions safe and healthy.

Be aware in crowded spaces like dog events and dog parks.

Wash your hands. Simple soap (non antibacterial) or an alcohol based hand sanitizer are best!

Talk with your local day cares and boarding facilities about their awareness of contagious, illnesses, and their practices to prevent and control them.

We carry and recommend the following for sick animals, immune compromised animals, or for general immune system support as a protective measure:

The basis for all health is a high quality, natural diet, especially raw (like Jeffrey’s!), with responsibly sourced proteins and limited or no carbohydrates. Green Tripe is great, too!

Aloha Medicinals K9 Immunity, one of our favorite medicinal mushroom blends.

Aloha Medicinals Transfer Factors, another favorite, an immune supporting colostrum blend.

Jeffrey’s OxyE, which can be used to sanitize shared water bowls and, once consumed, creates an internal environment inhospitable to a variety of bacterial and viral infections.

Jeffrey’s High Calcium Chicken Broth - Bone broth is great for the immune system and ours, as always, is organic and local.

Green Juju, which contains bison bone broth, ginger, turmeric, etc.

Liquid Tumerik, a truly incredible bioavailable turmeric supplement.

Primal or Honest Kitchen Goat’s Milk, available raw or powdered, and a delicious source of probiotics.

Jeffrey’s Digestive Support, our well rounded rounded probiotic and enzyme supplement with an extensive range of dense nutrients, including greens, berries, and medicinal mushrooms.

Jeffrey’s Power Boost, an easy to feed paste, awesome for sick animals (especially if they’ve lost their appetite) containing probiotics, enzymes, electrolytes, etc!

Questions? Let us know!

Healthy dogs are happy dogs! 

Healthy dogs are happy dogs!