Mindful Paw Presents Puppy Class!


Jeffrey's Duboce Park is excited to announce a brand new series of Puppy Classes taught by the fabulous Emily Fleischer of Mindful Paw.

A fantastic six series set of classes (the first for humans only!), new puppy parents will learn everything they need to be successful guardians for the very best pups.

Classes are open to puppies under 6mo of age.


We're excited to share our Thursday Night Puppy Socials, hosted by the fabulous Emily Fleisher of Mindful Paw.


Our socials are special! We host what are essentially intimate, garden parties for small groups of puppies. Think string lights, a patio heater, against a backdrop of soon to be blooming Nile Lilies. It's lovely for human and canine alike!

Puppies six months of age or younger are welcome. For your first social, please bring records of two rounds of vaccinations.

Socials are $25 and we cap ours at 5 puppies per social.

Stay tuned for more classes at Jeffrey's from Mindful Paw!


Give your pup a head start with the very best puppy socials and classes in San Francisco! It makes all the difference. We've had the pleasure of collaborating with Fawn Pierre and the whole team at SmartyPup for over decade. Learn why they're the best!

PUPPY ONE starts on Wednesday, May 3rd! Register here!

And, as always, tucker your pup out first! Jeffrey's North Beach hosts PUPPY SOCIALS every Wednesday evening at 5pm! Register here!


Social Skills Are Learned.

Puppies are not born with social skills—they must be developed. SmartyPup! Socials are a place where you and your pup can safely socialize with other puppies and people of all shapes and sizes. If you are waiting for your puppy class to start, waiting for your veterinarian's great outdoor release, or can't seem to get enough puppy play, then puppy socials are the perfect way to give your pup the life experience he needs to become a well-rounded, socially acceptable adult dog.