Natural Flea Control  

Fleas are no fun. Ask your pet! Keeping fleas off your pet and avoiding an infestation requires prevention and maintenance. Here at Jeffrey’s we carry natural products that make flea prevention easy and successful.  The natural approach to flea control avoids the negative side effects associated with chemical flea treatments. These chemical flea treatments are pesticides and can cause central nervous system damage, skin reactions such as hair loss & ulcers, and gastrointestinal issues.

Here are some safe, natural approaches that will go a long way in flea prevention and maintenance.


Proper diet is essential to flea prevention. A raw or fresh food diet contains many nutrients that are important in boosting the immune system. A well functioning immune system is the best defense against pests and illness.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Additional supplementation of omega 3 fatty acids works to improve the health of the skin. Healthy skin preserves more of its own natural oils. This makes the skin harder to penetrate, creating a less hospitable environment for fleas.


Desiccants like diatomaceous earth are non-toxic ways to treat active flea populations. Diatomaceous earth is derived from ground, fossilized remains of algae. It cuts into the exoskeleton of fleas causing them to dehydrate. Diatomaceous earth can be used topically on your pet, or sprinkled throughout problem areas in your home or yard.


A number of essential oils act as repellants for fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Look for these key ingredients: cedar, neem, bergamot, or citronella. Many essential oils also aid in healing insect bites. It is important to note that cats cannot tolerate essential oils.

Your Pets Environment

Maintaining a clean environment for your pet is important. During flea season vacuum at least weekly, as well as clean your pet’s bedding on a similar schedule. During a flea infestation it is recommended to do this several times a week.