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Jeffrey's Fresh Meat Pet Foods are prepared fresh daily in our San Francisco kitchen, using only locally sourced ingredients. Our food contains only the highest quality ingredients: fresh, raw, restaurant quality ranged meats, free from hormones and antibiotics, fresh organic vegetables, and our own vitamin mineral mix. Our food is the very best choice for your canine and feline companions.

Jeffrey's is REALLY LOCAL RAW.

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Real People Making Real Food

Jeffrey Dotson was intrigued by the significant health improvement in his dog, Burton, after he started feeding him high quality food bought from a natural pet food store in Washington D.C. Jeffrey started working in the store and eventually became a co-owner. After reading Dr. Pitcairn's Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats and researching information available on diet, essential nutrients and natural remedies, he thought, “I not only saw the difference in the health and energy of my own dog, I saw positive changes in literally thousands of animals whose owners began feeding them a high quality diet from our store.”

After moving to California, Jeffrey continued his career in the natural pet products industry. Unexpectedly, he was faced with the challenge of helping his cat Sasha recover from an ongoing urinary tract infection. “As soon as she got off antibiotics, her infection would come back. I immediately turned to Dr. Pitcairn’s book looking for answers.” Jeffrey was convinced that the only solution would be to make a raw meat diet for his cats. The results were undeniable. Eating a homemade raw meat diet and taking a homeopathic remedy cured Sasha. Also within days of introducing the new diet, a chronic eye discharge problem with his other cat Toby completely vanished. Jeffrey thought, why not make and deliver his organic, additive-free, raw meat diet to others?

When Jeffrey fell ill and could no longer care for the store, he entrusted it to his partner Lynnet Spiegel whom he knew would respect and carry out the tradition he started.

Lynnet's story begins in much the same way that Jeffrey's did. She was also making her own food for her dog based on Dr. Pitcairn's book and seeing a local, homeopathic vet. When her dog Luna fell ill with a urinary tract infection after spaying complications, she saw the dramatic improvements that proper nutrition and non-invasive veterinary techniques held for her. Luna recovered quickly. Her homeopathic vet suggested she meet Jeffrey, who was also a client. They connected immediately discussing the details of their recipes. When she was short on time, Lynnet would buy food from the store. Inspired by her experiences in the natural pet community, Lynnet decided it was time for a new career. Jeffrey felt is was time to start another store and their partnership developed quickly. The North Beach store opened shortly after with Lynnet at the helm.

Today, Jeffrey's is still known as San Francisco's premier resource for natural pet health information and products. We are committed to providing the very best foods, treats, toys and supplements available. We focus on locally produced, sustainable and eco-friendly goods and are active within our larger community.

Through our own research and experience, we are a fabulous resource for anyone interested in giving their dog or cat a lifetime of good health and comfort.