Why Raw?

Jeffrey's Fresh Meat Pet Foods are prepared fresh daily in our San Francisco kitchen, using only locally sourced ingredients. Our food contains only the highest quality ingredients: fresh, raw, restaurant quality ranged meats, free from hormones and antibiotics, fresh organic vegetables, and our own vitamin mineral mix. Our food is the very best choice for your canine and feline companions.

Jeffrey's is REALLY LOCAL RAW.

Benefits of Feeding a Raw Diet:

o   Healthier immune system

o   Improved digestion and nutrient absorption

o   Healthier skin and coat

o   Better weight control

o   Cleaner teeth and healthier gums

o   Reduction of allergic symptoms

o   More energy and stamina

o   Smaller, less smelly stools

A Natural Diet

A raw food diet is based on what a dog or cat would eat in the wild. This natural diet would include muscle meat and organ meats from prey they could kill or scavenge. Modern raw diets mimic a combination of a natural whole prey diet and modern knowledge of balanced nutrition.

Why Feed Raw?

Raw food diets are rich in enzymes. These enzymes increase the rate of chemical reactions in the body, including digesting food properly, reducing inflammation and repairing damaged cells. When raw food is cooked, enzymes are destroyed. Dogs and cats are capable of producing their own enzymes, but this causes an unnecessary strain on the digestive system, disallowing the rest of the body to function optimally.

Is It Safe?

Dogs and cats have digestive systems designed to thrive on raw meat. Their highly acidic stomachs and short intestinal tracts allow them to consume and benefit greatly from bacteria found in the raw diet.


In nature, almost all food consumed by dogs and cats would be moist in form and contain blood and plasma. This allows for proper hydration and provides nutrients not found in water. Eating a moist food is essential for kidney and urinary tract health, especially for cats.